Who we are

GENEX was set up in 1985 as an individual (independent, non-corporate) company for the import of mushrooms, medicinal herbs, juniper berries and frozen fruit Yugoslavia. The consignees are the main industries in Italy with which the company still to this time collaborates. In 1989 GENEX stars purchasing honey from both Hungary and Bulgaria.
But Yugoslavia still remains the major source as regards mushrooms, and at the present moment, after the separation, Macedonia, the Republic of Serbia, and Croatia have become the main sources.
In 1992 GENEX becomes a corporate company, the GENEX s.r.l., and its interchanges with these countries visibly increase (which is partly due to the company's familiarity with the compensatory payment system that are still being used in these countries). The company export food products from Italy (pasta, rice, canned tomatoes, canned beans, olive oil, cheese, cookies, beverages, coconut flour, various spices), and also products not related to foodstuffs, such as additives, and machinery (implements) for the food and oenological industry, detergents, toilet paper, etc.
The company imports directly from the suppliers with whom it has worked for over 15 years; these take care of the process of picking-up of the product, which takes place in the woods where the product grows, and there are no intermediaries.
We can provide the Geordie (boletus edulis) that has been worked in different ways; dried naturally or artificially, frozen, in brine.
If you are interested in the purchasing of fresh mushrooms we can arrange a pick-up point for you.

The company, having worked for over thirty years in the markets of former Yugoslavia and Hungary, also offers advice for any investment in these countries, with a search for stores, warehouses, specialized professionals in various sectors, legal offices and any responsible foreign subsidiaries or companies in their own right.

In the year 2014 we started a new investment project with a Croatian company with which we cooperate for more than 30 years of Croatian Podravina area, famous for the cultivation of chamomile. Here, thanks to the ground, chamomile has a sweeter flavor than from other areas where it has a more bitter taste. It started with the planting chamomile an area of ​​65 hectares. Unfortunately, due to heavy rains, the product of the 2014 season was very poor, but it served as proof. This year the sown fields are doubled, reaching 130 hectares. The harvest promises to be good. Sowing of camomile has been made on all fields abandoned for years, so free of pesticides and other preparations used for the cultivation of products such as corn etc. For the twelve new drying kilns dedicated only for drying of chamomile have been installed and not to other products such as tobacco and so on. To work the dried camomile, we have a completely new closed-system plant, which part from the processing of dried camomile with the cut of the stem, continues with the elimination of all the impurities with magnets, fans and sieves (sand, insects, any metals ), then with the separation of the part from the rest sieved to packaging in cartons with regard to the flower and kraft bags as regards instead the sifted chamomile. For some of sown fields we started the procedure for enabling the production of organic chamomile. The first crop of organic product are planned for the year 2017. We currently have pure flower chamomile for herbal teas or wrapping, sausage chamomile for packing in sachets, chamois for grinding, for transformation into soluble chamomile or for extraction. We then have the chamomile ligula (flower petal) for extraction and preparation of blue oil.